Akillia’s Reign
November 4, 2013
Know Thy Enemy
October 14, 2011

With her future decided, 18-year-old Jessica and her sisters sneak off for one last night of fun. Breaking into their mother's lab the three of them are thrust into the glitchy online world of Puatera.

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Dahlia has spent her entire life in Lila's shadow. Being the quiet twin, Dahlia shied away from sports and never excelled in any of the ways her sister did. Yet, thrown into the glitch-filled world of Puatera, her sister is no longer there to protect her, forcing Dahlia to uncover hidden strengths or be buried by her weakness.

Always a fighter and a gamer, Lila finds herself in a dungeon with two dumbass guardians and a monster to kill. After she escapes the dungeon her gamer life is then enslaved to a demon who has only one thing on his mind. Training her to kill his new opponent, an NPC named Maddie Vies.

Soon to be available in audio

Read by Suzanne Barbetta